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Clatu Academy offers customized workshops for entrepreneurial success and entrepreneurial mindset ind the food and beverage industry. Our many years of experience show that these workshops are an effective tool to encourage employee ownership and commitment, while ensuring that the defined strategy remains a business-centric concept.

In order to successfully support the process of transformation, development or growth, our offer is primarily aimed at executives, specialists, HR managers and the next generation of leaders. Our activities are always tailored to your needs and, after a prior coordination meeting, are delivered in a customized training concept from the perspective of Generation X, Y, Z. The participants are addressed personally and all supervisors or managers are an integrated part of the development process.

Strategic workshops to help you develop your business and transform the effectiveness of your operation.

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Example: Exporting to Europe

Discover the potential of your products in France, Germany, Austria and Switzerland and become familiar with trade structures and the commercial sales network:

| Market entry
| Certifications, permits, taxes
| Consumer trends
| Cultural differences


Performance Business Coaching

In cooperation with our partner “kleineberatung”  we also offer specialized workshops for human resource management, stress management, crisis management and self-management. You will get 100% passion, one-on-one coaching to help you through your toughest challenges plus and an individual approach based on years of experience. No standard concept is “imposed” or merely theoretical knowledge duplicated.  


Job Application Process 

From an “open position” and  job posting to the application and rejection process, we take a look at your current status quo. In doing so, we also explore the success factors in onboarding processes and develop your own program for an appreciative welcome culture, tailored to the respective target groups. In addition to the current legal aspects, you will also learn what all this has to do with employer branding.


Workforce Management from A-Z

From the first employment contract to the final letter of reference, there are core processes in HR work in order to attract suitable new employees, to retain them, to promote them and to develop them until they leave the company again. This workshop introduces you to the new mobile and digital working worlds, in which process or product owners ensure the constant optimization of agile processes.


Human Resources Planning

In this workshop, you will learn about systems for hiring the right people and why good HR planning is essential for a healthy company. We give some examples of companies that have fallen into crisis/insolvency due to a lack of HR planning, despite full order books. We will explore the differences between short-, medium- and long-term human resource planning and apply them to your company using a theoretical example model.


Recruiting Trends

What are the possibilities in our company to get the necessary number and quality of employees? What are we doing so far (positive/negative)? Are we an attractive employer? How are we perceived in our industry/market?

In this workshop, you will find out whether you are taking advantage of all the opportunities from a business point of view. You will learn what costs are involved in not filling positions and what impact this all has on your existing core workforce.


International Recruiting

This best-practice workshop accelerates the HR success of your business by elevating the vision, alignment, and execution across every level in the organization, from the C-suite to the front lines. You will develop strategies for market entry, recruiting, hiring, employment law, financial accounting, taxes and cultural differences. Relevant COVID-19-related peculiarities due to lockdowns or home offices will also be taken into account, enabling you to confidently find your way through the jungle of current developments.

Current topics.
Experienced trainers.
Convincing appearance.

In addition to the examples mentioned above, the Clatu Academy offers many other formats and events that are specially tailored to the food, wine and beverage industry, retail and hospitality:

Your win

Tangible practical situations, enriched with theoretical knowledge; development of actionable growth strategies; exciting insights into the worlds of our industry, because inside knowledge is irreplaceable; plus an agile set-up of your new projects and growth strategies. Careful preparation, clear framing and tailored interventions for small and large groups; steering discussions; support in projecting agile projects and work processes (incl. Scrum and Kanban). In addition, all workshops include a telephone coaching session for individual questions.

Maximum agility for creative workshops

Our offices in Heidelberg, Karlsruhe, Frankfurt, Düsseldorf, Nuremberg, Hamburg and Munich are true design offices for contemporary, flexible collaboration, creativity and inspiration. In our Meet & Move rooms, we host agile workshops, kick-off meetings, trainings, presentations or strategy meetings. Stylish design and modern, functional furniture support idea generation. Writable magnetic walls, whiteboards and pinboard panels help with presentation and illustration. Due to the different chair variants and settings in the room, you can work both standing and sitting.

Walk & Talk Workshops

“Those who move, also remain flexible in spirit”. The Carthusian monks, who lead their really important theological debates during walks together, have known this for centuries. Steve Jobs and Barack Obama are also self-confessed business walkers. Based on this knowledge, we offer our workshops also together with “business walks”.

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