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► F&B
► Agriculture and farming
► Organic food
► Wine, sparkling wine and spirits
► Future food trends
► Gastronomy and catering

► Sustainability topics
► Food management
► Food retailing and e-commerce
► International sales / export
► Digitalization
► Supply chain / food safety

  • What we eat tomorrow: Global and local developments
  • Risk factor: convenience food
  • New technologies in food production
  • Future scenario in food retailing: automatic and flexible price adjustment depending on best-before date, peak times and availabilit
  • Company catering in the triad of great taste, health and responsibility
  • Agriculture 4.0: High tech and digitalization
  • New buzzwords in food marketing: Simplification, Emotion, Participation, Real time
  • Export opportunities: What to expect when exporting to Europe (main focus: France, Germany, Austria and Switzerland)
  • Food Packaging & Food Waste: New Business Areas and Packaging Solutions
  • Global consumer trends in sales & purchase

If you are planning a talk on one of these topics and are looking for a speaker with strong stage presence, authenticity and sound expertise, then you should get in touch with me. For my audience (regardless of whether they are leadership circles, sales staff, producers, farmers, winemakers, chefs, gastro professionals or students) I am passionate about speaking on current topics that move our industry: Whether it’s about culinary experiences, food culture or the origin of our daily food. But also about global developments and international trade, about long-term trends or about technical aspects like digitalization in agriculture. In my keynotes, I address the respective topic from the perspective of long-term and sustainable development. My approach is always “cross-referencing”: how does everyday life change through industry, how do markets change through mindsets, how do values change through culture?

In doing so, I ask thought-provoking questions, challenge preconceived thought patterns, amuse you with anecdotes – and above all generate optimism.

Great keynotes need humor, emotions and strong images. For this I use an elaborate presentation technique and speak mainly without a manuscript, because I want to build a creative tension between the world of images and words. Otherwise: Let me surprise you and trust me.

Brilliant keynotes, lectures and webinars

about responsible food production, food culture, nutrition and food trends.

Current topic: “The Future of retail”

The stacking crises of our time – war, inflation, covid, rising energy prices, shortage of skilled workers, climate change – have turned our world upside down and completely changed the way we behave, shop and consume. Producers, food retailers and the restaurant industry are facing major challenges…


Keynote Topics

Are you looking for a unique presentation that will motivate your employees and inspire your customers? Let’s get started with some suggestions for various target groups. The following keynote titles are intended as a suggestion and orientation. It is also possible to combine individual elements or to vary presentations and each presentation can be adapted to the respective occasion.

Languages: German, English, Spanish, French



How do we reduce packaging waste and still present products safely and attractively?

No other topic is currently as hotly debated as sustainable packaging. We show current solutions.



Let’s face up to the challenges of our food: This keynote takes a look at the global food market, presents red-hot food trends and shows current digitalization advances in agriculture.



Vegan diets and Beyond Meat have become an integral part of mainstream diets. However, there are misconceptions and misunderstandings. So: fashionable hype, long-term trend or success factor for your business?



Global change, changing consumer expectations, disruption and new framework conditions are permanently transforming the restaurant and hospitality industry. What does the “restaurant of the future” look like and what does it have to offer?



About industrial philosophy on the supermarket shelf: What belongs in a good sausage and what doesn’t? Why are vegan ready-made meals rarely any good? How do I read the label on yogurt correctly? What does it tell me and what is it hiding?

Your Win

Exciting, informative and optimistic events for decision-makers, executives, producers, retailers and for anyone who wants to get new ideas from an experienced industry colleague. Vivid examples turn the events into experiences that have a lasting effect. Most of the ideas can be put into practice immediately. In addition: professional development; exciting insights behind the scenes and valuable insider knowledge; stimulating and new impulses for all participants; flexible choice of topics.


Keynotes with Cyrus Schultz

 Founder of the Clatu Group  |  Management Consultant  |  TEDx Speaker

Cyrus Schultz is a management consultant, keynote speaker and founder of the Clatu Group. Renowned companies from the food and beverage industry call on the expert whenever complex interrelationships, long-term strategies or developments are involved. Other areas of his work include transformation, flexibility, future farming, food trends, internationalization and digitization (or re-analogization).

The graduate in business administration held international management positions in marketing, export and sales before founding a consultancy with a culinary focus. Together with a team of around 30 experts, Cyrus now oversees numerous national and international projects.

With this expertise, he spans a multidisciplinary arc in his keynote speeches, provides insights behind the scenes, amuses with anecdotes and generates optimism and motivation. Cyrus has appeared at over 200 events, has been a guest on numerous panel discussions, and has been speaking publicly in English, Spanish, French, or German for more than 30 years. → References and a detailed CV.

Whether at congresses, seminars, customer events, workshops or campaign days, board meetings but also in front of small leadership circles: Cyrus’ keynotes will inspire you.

Current topics.
Experienced speakers.
Convincing appearance.

In addition to the examples mentioned above, the Clatu Academy offers many other formats and events that are specially tailored to the food, wine and beverage industry, retail and hospitality: