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The knowledge you need
right when you need it

Regardless of whether you need a keynote speaker during a conference, want to increase productivity and motivation in your team, or require your  team to develop critical skills that support company goals as well as personal growth – Clatu Academy has the people, training, expertise and tools to make it happen:

      • Keynotes, lectures and inspiring presentations on food trends, hospitality and travel trends, sustainable development and technology (→ start exploring…)
      • Strategic workshops for HR management, application procedures, recruiting, team building and employer branding (→ start exploring…)
      • Company training to elevate performance and keep teams motivated and engaged (→ start exploring…)
      • Hands-on leadership coaching to help you scale your business, define personal goals professionally, gain back time and enjoy your success (→ start exploring…)
      • NEW IN THE PROGRAM:  Walk & Talk Coaching and “Walkshops”, where solitude in the forest replaces the full seminar room   (→ start exploring…)

At a glance:

Keynotes & Lectures
on current food trends,
future food and sustainibility

Corporate Training
to elevate performance and equip emerging leaders

Strategic Workshops for
HR management and self-management

Hands-On Coaching
to scale your business and discover new potential


The Clatu Group is a European consulting and coaching network headquartered in Germany, with a 100 percent focus on food, beverages, wine, organic farming, gastronomy, food retail, import/export, hotels, gastronomy and travel. Our main activities are

  • Strategic business consulting
  • Coaching and workshops
  • Lectures and keynotes
  • Market analysis
  • International sales and overseas expansion
  • Marketing and communication

The Clatu Academy strengthens talent in companies, equips teams with the necessary tools and develops leadership skills. Summarized in one sentence: We provide orientation and inspiration through keynotes or workshops so that

  • employee satisfaction increases,
  • teams are able to develop accurate results on their own,
  • leadership is experienced as shared, enabling and positive,
  • people feel well encouraged in their professional development.

For more information, take a look at the →  Clatu “About Us” page.

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