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We Empower Self Development

In the age of digitalization, leadership is becoming increasingly challenging. Experienced managers must be able to successfully coordinate complex change processes within their team. Hierarchical leadership models are becoming increasingly less important. Some of these issues are urgent and versatile:

  • Training to increase the productivity of your company
  • Effective and lasting improvement of team communication
  • Rise above the daily noise
  • Focus on achieving your company’s vision
  • One-on-one coaching to tackle your toughest challenges

We assist managers, specialists and teams in order to train their competencies so they can successfully handle new challenges. Our trained coaches help high-performing executives and their teams, but also start-up entrepreneurs to do so: targeted, efficient, understandable and with a lot of practical experience.

1:1 Performance Coaching for growth,
development, focus or reorientation

Example: Coaching for Start-Ups

Our main focus is to help the next generation of entrepreneurs get the support they need to turn their great ideas into a successful and sustainable business:

| Business Administration
| Marketing
| Culinary Consulting
| Business Plans
| Market Entry


Connect Visions With Actions

Clatu Business Coaching is a process-oriented form of consulting that focuses on professional topics. We address individuals and teams who want to work in a structured manner on topics relating to their professional lives, developing personal strengths and abilities or managing their professional reorientation. Classic coaching topics include:

  • Leadership tasks and competencies
  • New in the leadership role – from colleague to manager
  • Corporate strategies and process steps for start-ups
  • Dealing with crisis situations
  • Self-leadership, self-management, focus guidelines and working techniques
  • Communication
  • Goal setting, focus and time management
  • Turning problems into goals and creating options for action
  • Accompanying decisions, developments and changes in the team
  • Intercultural skills to succeed in the international arena
One-to-one coaching

Support during change processes, in crisis situations or reflecting on situations, both for preparation and follow-up.

Team coaching

Here we support change processes or resolve conflicts with colleagues or superiors in order to optimally fulfill professional roles and achieve corporate goals.

Group coaching

Ideal for executives and members from different departments of a company who want to reflect on specific development topics together and in a moderated way.

Current topics.
Experienced speakers.
Convincing appearance.

In addition to the examples mentioned above, the Clatu Academy offers many other formats and events that are specially tailored to the food, wine and beverage industry, retail and hospitality:

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